Happy Hour

Monday thru Friday 4-7

$4 Well Drinks
$1 Off All 19 Draught Beers
$4 Jameson
$7 Sweet Potato Bomb


Please, speak easy.

Please, take phone calls outside.

Do NOT ask for a Cosmo, Long Island Ice Tea, Jager anything or “so-called drinks” of this kind, especially energy drinks.

There is only one vodka necessary in this establishment.

Our libations are labor intensive. Thank you for your patience.

Be prepared when the barkeep is ready to create your order.

Do NOT ask for chilled beer glasses.

When the barkeep says you’ve had enough, you have!

If you wouldn’t introduce them to your mom, then don’t bring them here. We are NOT that kind of bar.

Tasting Thursdays

Every Third Thursday, 7 PM

For centuries it has been considered a necessity to understand and have an appreciation for spirits, beer and wine. At 1919, we continue this tradition. Attendees will be educated about the history, flavor profile, proper nosing and tasting techniques among a vast selection of essential spirits, cocktails and beer.

After each tasting join us for live jazz music.

Please, ask the barkeep about details for the next featured tasting.


1420 S. Alamo St, Suite 001
San Antonio, Texas 78210




4:00PM - 2:00AM

Happy Hour

M - F 4pm - 7pm