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Whiskey Presentation over Bar Top at 1919

Changing the Way You Drink

Revered as an ode to craftsmanship, American history, and whisk(e)y, 1919 takes you a step back in time to the era of prohibition. Hidden away in the Blue Star Complex of San Antonio, like most speakeasies of yesteryear, you wouldn’t see 1919 if you hadn’t already heard of it.

Located down a dimly lit flight of stairs, those who discover our hidden entrance will find they’ve just been transported to another time and place, where expert mixology and history come together in perfect harmony. An establishment now recognized as one of the most desirable whisk(e)y bars in the country and one of the best downtown bars in San Antonio.

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Tradition Creates Innovation

The Spirit of an Era

Despite the nation becoming dry in 1920 due to the 18th amendment, a substantial portion of the population wanted to continue to drink despite the federal crackdown on alcohol. Many thought it part of the American way of life. Brave entrepreneurs began opening secret havens, or “speakeasies”, that allowed those who just wanted to have a decent whisk(e)y cocktail to do so. We at 1919 believe in honoring that spirit of freedom and rebellion by providing a selection of artfully crafted cocktails and spirits, which used to be much riskier than it is today.

Bar 1919

Masters Of the Mix

At 1919, our expert mixologists are constantly learning and innovating when it comes to modern cocktail traditions and trends. These craftsmen, as they liken themselves, aspire to create experiences you will never forget. They believe in the power and art behind a great cocktail and use that to elevate your night beyond what you thought it could be. Their encyclopedic knowledge and artful approach to mixology would rival any in the nation. Come and see why we’re rated as one of the best, they will show you why.

Bar 1919

Our Whiskey Problem

We here at 1919 believe that there is one spirit that has a special place among the best available and for us that is whisk(e)y. We have the largest selection of spirits in the state, as well as one of the largest in the nation. Whisk(e)y continues to be one of the spirits we revere and cherish greatly. From the subtle hints of smokiness to the rich warmth of spices, come and enjoy what we have been sipping for so many years now. If you are new to the world and history of whisk(e)ys and what they can offer, we can’t think of a better place for you to discover a taste you’ll never soon forget.

Bar 1919